How to Romance Your #BestClientEver with the Perfect Content Strategy

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A blinking cursor.

A distracted mind.

And a deadline.

This is how writing content for your business begins for most people – we’ve got a to-do list longer than the lines at the DMV, a head full of ideas and a social media feed and blog that are desperately crying out for some love and attention.

Despite all the great reasons NOT to go through the hassle of writing content for your business (Netflix is always waiting…), if you’ve been reading Brit’s #BestClientEver series, then you get that communicating strategically is critical if you want to attract people online…

and make them fall in love with you…

so that they lovingly, gladly shove their wallet into your face in exchange for whatever it is you’re sellin’.

So, it’s time to actually say something to your #BestClientEver: be it on your website, on social media, on your blog… it’s time to find your voice and speak up.

How to Romance Your #BestClientEver with the Perfect Content Strategy - a Guest Post by Natalie Taylor of The Missink Ink from Brit Kolo of JAM Marketing Group, online marketing strategy for creative entrepreneurs

The purpose of this post is to help you figure out how to communicate in a way that gets the attention of your #BestClientEver and positions YOU as the obvious solution to their problems.

Now, if you’re ready to get your ideal client’s attention, then I’m going to assume that you’ve already:

If you’re thinking about creating content this way, you’re already waaaaay ahead of the pack. I can tell you from experience that most people are either

  1. not creating content – at all – for their biz
  2. doing it sporadically or
  3. throwing some half-baked content at a wall each week and seeing what sticks.

So, real quick, I want to raise a glass of something fancy to you since you’ve come this far (although let’s be honest – it’s going to be pink wine if you roll with me, because that’s more my style).

So – back to being sober and very serious – how do you actually say something people will listen to online?

Say hello to buyer journeys.

The buyer journey concept is a way of thinking about how a person comes to know about you, learn about you, and then buy from you. Fortunately, you’ve already done most of the heavy lifting with Brit (isn’t she amazing?), when you created your very own marketing web, but there’s more to consider when it comes to knowing what to actually say… and how to say it.

So to illustrate this concept, let’s return to Brit’s example from earlier in this series, Julie (she owns an event venue for small, intimate weddings).

Here’s Julie’s marketing web again:

Wedding Venue marketing strategy

Simplified, Julie’s #BestClientEver’s buyer journey looks a little like this:

  • Client hears about Julie through a friend
  • Client then checks out her friend’s wedding pictures (at Julie’s venue) via Facebook
  • Client moves from Facebook over to Instagram to check out more photos
  • Client is curious now – so she visits Julie’s website. She wants to be sure that this is the right venue for her, as well as which dates are available
  • Spurred on by more great word of mouth recommendations, the client books a visit with Julie
  • She books on the spot

As you can see, there are several pit-stops along the way to becoming a customer, and this is true for each and every person who buys from you.

When it comes to communicating with your potential clients online, your job is to create content that answers their hesitations, questions and objections at each stage of the journey, to make sure they keep moving forward smoothly… towards saying YES to whatever it is you offer.

This is the most important thing you might ever read about marketing your business online. So I repeat:

Your content has one purpose: to answer your client’s objections about working with you.

[bctt tweet=”Your content has one purpose: to answer your client’s objections about working with you. – @missinginkco” username=”britkolo”]

So, from here on out, your mission is to ask yourself:

What does my #BestClientEver need to know, understand and believe about…

  • Her problem
  • The possible solutions
  • My specific solution
  • Me, as a business owner
  • Herself

…In order to feel ready to make a buying decision?

From here, it’s all about creating content that answers these questions, and delivering this content at juuuuust the right time, in the right place, based on what your client is likely to be wondering – at each pit stop in their buying journey – which you’ve just mapped out above.

Here’s an example of how you’d approach this. Julie’s #BestClientEver journey would play out like so:

content strategy grid, #BestClientEver JAM Marketing Group

As you can see above, Julie has several opportunities to communicate with her client throughout this journey to position herself as the right choice. She’s done so by showing up at each stage of the journey with helpful content across her social media channels and on her website.

Julie also knows that word of mouth recommendations are a large part of her client’s buying journey, so she understands that her content is primarily going to supplement the great word of mouth she’s been working so hard to build. Which is why it’s important to remember that…

You can’t control the entire journey with content – but you can steer it in the right direction.

This becomes even more true if your business transactions are less personal in nature than a wedding venue – if the purchase is made online, is at a lower price point, requires a smaller time/emotional investment, and the product is delivered online, then you’ll have a much bigger opportunity to answer objections through your content alone.

That’s why the concepts of marketing webs and buyer journeys are so crucial: because they help you focus in on what you need to spend your time on, and what you can ignore, if it’s not relevant to how your #BestClientEver buys from you. 

Now, it’s over to you. You’ve figured out what your #BestClientEver’s journey content strategy guide, JAM Marketing Group, what to write on bloglooks like.

Now it’s time to map out how you can communicate with them at each stage of their journey to help them choose you. (In true “Brit style,” she’s provided a simple, effective worksheet to guide you through it, found below.) 

Then, (and honestly, only then), can you be ready to create the content your #BestClientEver is dying to find.

*Cheers with a pink-wine-clink to romancing that #BestClientEver of yours!*

~ Natalie


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Natalie Taylor is a copywriter and content strategist at The Missing Ink, where it’s her mission to stamp out the bland, boring and vague messaging that’s bad for business. Natalie specializes in writing web, email, and sales page copy that converts – and if you’re interested in learning how to create a high-converting content strategy for your newsletter, click here to download her Newsletter Strategy Kit: a free 18-page guide to writing better emails that’ll engage your people and move them to action.

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  1. Hey, what a refreshingly helpful and fun post! 😉 Thank you for having me Brit! So glad I could contribute to an already awesome series over here at the very, very awesome JAM blog. #MarketingWebsFoLyf


      #MarketingWebsFoLyf hahaha! New favorite hashtag, for sure. Thanks again, Natalie, for being so gracious with this rich content. My readers and I are fortunate to have had you drop by!