Which Social Media Platforms Should Your Business Be On?

Deciding where to start with it comes to social media platforms can be a tall order. There are several to choose from and it can seem that you must be on ALL of them to just make a dent.

But just the opposite is true.

The key to finding where you belong on social media platforms is finding where your audience is most likely to engage with you and master that one arena. We dive into this in detail in a previous blog post – 4 Stupid-Simple Steps to Developing a Social Media Strategy.

So now that you know you can’t and shouldn’t be on every single social media platform all at once and especially in the beginning, which one should you choose to start with?

I’ve developed a free eBook to help you answer this very question. (I know, genius!)

Which Social Media Platforms Should Your Business Be On? by Brit Kolo of JAM Marketing Group, online marketing strategy for creative entrepreneurs

In the eBook, I show you the following for each major social media platform on the scene right now:

  1. Its Biggest Advantage
  2. A Pro Tip
  3. The Best Time to Post
  4. The Ideal Dimensions of Visuals to Use

You’ll finally be able to decide exactly which social media platforms to stick with and which ones you don’t need to focus on right now.

Get your free downloadable eBook here:


Author: Brit Kolo

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