Working with Brit is a big relief… Having [her] is like acquiring a team member who cares about all the things I don’t care about, and will help me utilize my own abilities in a way that works for *me.* Plus, she’s got plenty of experience and ideas that would never occur to me, which is AWESOME. Perhaps one of the best parts of working with Brit is that she is SO trustworthy and reliable. She can easily juggle a bunch of balls at once; which means that I don’t have to worry about when and how to focus on things–she’ll prioritize everything in the right order. – Rachel East of

From our very first call, I’ve felt taken care of, excited to work together, and like I had to have you on my team. I think that came from the ideas you shared and feeling like you “get it.” I’ve felt so supported during this process, particularly when I was making hard decisions and not meeting deadlines. I love how often you check in with me and I appreciate the new ideas you’ve sent my way. – Joanna Platt of


Working with JAM has given me the framework and the accountability I needed to finally get my business organized and out into the world. Brit makes marketing feel easy and natural… When I first hired Brit as a marketing consultant, I was at stand-still in my business. I had done all of the “behind the scenes” work I could do and my business was ready to serve clients well, but the leads just weren’t coming in. Within 2 months of kicking off work with Brit, I had brought on 4 new (ideal!) clients and felt confident in my marketing process for continuing to stay booked. – Sonja Jobson of

Amalia Biro of

Working with you is like having a full time accountability partner, cheerleader, and sounding board. – Amalia Biro of





Natalia Amari


I am learning that less is more. I put too many things on my plate and I get scared and don’t follow through on certain things, particularly projects with myself. Brit has helped me focus and follow a particular course of action, utilizing my strengths and encouraging me to stretch too. – Natalia Amari of




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