The Best F-Word Your Business Will Ever Know

It’s time for some truth.

I’m wondering if you’ve done this to yourself too.

You start working on this new idea you have. You get excited about it. About the possibility of its success. About its potential to help people, making you some money, maybe even put your business “on the map.”

And as you’re working on this thing, you start to have questions about it.

Could this be better?
Will people really want this?
What the heck should I charge for this?
Does this totally suck?
Am I wasting my time on this?

Sound familiar?

Yes? Ditto. My mind is constantly checking my work with these five questions.

The questions aren’t the problem.

These questions ultimately make my work better.

But only, only if they’re directed correctly.

See, I spent much of my life asking these types of questions to just myself. These questions stayed in my head, constantly bopping back and forth, never getting truly answered, and ultimately creating doubt and worry.

They even kept me from completing some projects because the self-doubt would loom so large that I convinced myself my idea was crap and that I wasn’t ready to create something like this.

But no more.

I finally broke out of this cycle late last year, as I began asking these 5 questions, not just to myself… but to other, living, breathing humans.

The Best F-Word Your Business Will Ever Know, a Blog Post by Brit Kolo of JAM Marketing Group

Yup. I opened myself up to the best F-word your business will ever know.

Not that F-word. The other F-word.


I opened myself up to Feedback as I was creating things… and it completely revolutionized my entire business.

No longer was I spending 30, 60, 90 days on this big huge project, getting more and more doubtful of its worth.

Instead, I was encouraged to ask for feedback on my ideas and projects sooner, rather than later, and magically, my ideas and projects got better.

Well, not magically.

There’s no magic to it, really.

There’s just cold-hard truth.

When you share your ideas and projects with other, trusted, respected people, those ideas and projects get better. They have a better shot as succeeding because they’re no longer just living within your brain but now they’re also living within the brains of the people you’ve shared them with.

And all of a sudden, you begin getting different perspectives on your ideas and projects…

THAT MAKE THEM SO MUCH BETTER than they ever could’ve been if they just stayed in your own brain.

It’s true. It’s always true.

Getting feedback early and often in any venture is a smart move on your part as a business owner. 

Can it be uncomfortable? UH, YES.

Let me be the first to say – it’s not natural for me to ask for feedback. I’m terrified of getting negative feedback.

BUT as much as I’m terrified, I’m even MORE committed to allowing this idea to morph and change into whatever it needs to be to be a success.

If that entails getting some negative feedback so the idea can become better and stronger, so be it.

So with that, I invite you to ask for feedback this week.

Invite a bit of that good F-word into your business from trusted, respectable people, and see what happens.

Not sure where to start? Start with me! Seriously – I invite you to grab a free 30-min call on my schedule, tell me what you’re working on, and I’ll give you my feedback and even some helpful marketing advice. You in? Schedule here!

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