Being Visible in Your Business Can Be Scary! Here’s How to Deal

You’ve been there. I’ve been there. We’ve all been there.

You’ve prepped and polished something GREAT – a bunch of Instagram posts, a stellar blog post, a webinar, a YouTube video, a Facebook Live. You’ve strategized all the way around it, your ideal client definitely needs this thing you’ve created for them.

And then… you get scared to hit Publish. To become more visible.

This happened recently with one of my clients. She and I have been working together for just over three months now. She has made incredible progress in clarifying her message, who her ideal client is, what she, as the business owner, wants to provide to her clients. She has set up systems to handle an incoming lead and has practiced her sales process. She has completely overhauled her website, aligning it closer to how she naturally shows up in the world. And most recently, we dove into her content strategy, deciding what topics she is best suited and most excited to share with her audience. It was all feeling super good to her.

And on Monday, it came time to begin sharing what she had prepared. All of those well-written, helpful Instagram posts she had poured her heart into – the first one needed to be published.

And… her Inner Critic’s voice got loud and made her second-guess the whole thing.

You’ve been there, right?

I certainly have. And every single one of my clients have, too.

You get everything ready.

And then… your Inner Critic starts gnawing at you with, “None of this is even going to matter. These posts will get lost in the shuffle and people won’t care what you have to say.”

Or she’s screaming at you, “Abort! Abort! All of this stuff you’ve created sucks!”

Or she throws the sucker punch of, “Who are YOU to say these things at all?”


Yup. We’ve all been there.


So, what do you do? What do you do when it’s time to get your business out there so you can serve the people you were meant to serve?

Being Visible In Your Business Can Be Scary! Here's How to Deal - Marketing Coach for Creative, Big-Dreaming Entrepreneurs at JAM Marketing Group

It’s really easy to tuck your tail between your legs and go running in the opposite direction, retiring to the couch in the corner, thinking, “This whole thing was a stupid idea. I guess I’m stuck where I’m at.”

The more courageous, rewarding thing to do is to work through these fears and doubts and hit Publish anyway.

Because by hitting Publish, you allow your business to become more visible. And through visibility, you’re able to be seen by the people who truly need you. Only then can you serve those you’re meant to serve.

But how? How do you do that? How do you work through those fears and doubts?

Here’s how I encouraged my client who was dealing with this, plus a few additional thoughts I have for your Inner Critic to chew on.

First, know that you and your Inner Critic are valid.

You know you must hit Publish to be able to do the things you’re called to do for your future clients. And your Inner Critic knows that by hitting Publish, you could be opening yourself up to failure, criticism, and other things that freak her right out.

You’re trying to push forward, out of your comfort zone, while your Inner Critic’s job is to keep you safely within your comfort zone. No wonder you two are at odds.

Instead of going to battle with your Inner Critic, I’d rather give her credit for trying to protect you. She means well.

And you’re going to move forward anyway.

To move forward, we have to set your Inner Critic straight on the situation at hand.

So, to the Inner Critic who’s worried about getting lost in the shuffle…

Let us remind her that you’re not here to appeal to everyone under the sun. Rather, you’re setting out to speak truth and provide a needed service to your specific, ideal client. So as long as your ideal client is being served by these pieces of content you’ve created, you can forget about what everyone else is doing and saying.

Also, let’s remember back to a time when you were really struggling with something. The world felt noisy – everyone was telling you different things about how to handle your problem. And then, like a brilliant beam of light, someone offered the perfect solution, specific to you. Aren’t you glad that person spoke up and offered that solution? That she didn’t dim her light for fear that it’d never be seen in the first place?

It’s time for you to be that brilliant beam of light for someone.


Now, to the Inner Critic who’s convinced all of what you’ve put together so far totally sucks and won’t work…

Let us remind her that sure, today’s version of content won’t be as good as tomorrow’s. That’s the beauty of your innate drive to progress and become better every day. But tomorrow isn’t here yet and all we have is today. By publishing today and committing to continuously improve over time, you’re able to help someone tomorrow and today.

Also, Inner Critic, no one starts out with all of their ducks in a row, perfectly polished, the best they’ll ever be. Even Marie Forleo began with crappy videos shot from her crappy video camera in her crappy apartment sitting on her crappy couch in a white tank top, maybe wearing shorts, maybe not. Don’t believe me? Watch this.

Mic drop.


And to the inner critic who’s challenging you with the heaviest of imposter syndrome questions – “Who are YOU to say these things at all?!”

Let us take a deep breath… and then ask her, “Who are you NOT to share this education, encouragement, and positivity with those who need it?” You may not be the best in the entire world at [whatever you do] and you may not be able to teach everyone everything on [your main topic] BUT. BUT! You can help those you were innately, specifically meant to serve. Those who are a few steps behind you. You can help them figure the next few steps out. You can. YOU CAN.


Now, go do thing, sister. You can.


And if your inner critic is still not backing down, let’s talk about it. Seriously. Let’s air it all out and see if we can dig into what’s really going on here so you can still move forward. I have a few slots still available on my schedule next week for 30min Air It Out Sessions for those of you really just needing to talk it out. Grab yours here, on me, as always. <3

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