What’s Next in My Third Year of Business

Two years. I’ve been in business for myself for two years.

It’s been a long time and a blink of an eye, all at once. So much can happen (DOES happen) in the span of two years. And yet, it’s still a short amount of time in the grand scheme of things.

I have all the feels about this 2nd anniversary… and I don’t. I’m proud of my progress so far. I’m happy I made it to the end of Year Two (many don’t). I’m grateful for so many things, too many to list.

And I’m also thinking, okay, big deal. Let’s keep this train right on moving.

Two years. It’s not that long. It’s a blip in the timeline. There’s so much more time to live and grow and move through. We hope.

It’s funny because while we’re building our businesses and we’re in the day-to-day it feels like every day is just so important. Every week is a chance to make big moves. Every month is so pivotal to our success. Every quarter is make-or-break. Every year is often too much to think about in one sitting.

I certainly get caught in that trap too.

But recently, I’ve been open enough to think bigger and farther outside of the next one, two, even three years. And these visions of my future have helped me realize a bit of perspective around the last two years.

They’re a blip. They really are.

We put so much pressure on ourselves to perform day in and day out. And yet, it’s all just a blip.

This might sound depressing to you. To me, it’s so freeing. Taking the big-picture view, receiving visions of where I’ll be and what I’ll be doing in seven years, ten years, twenty years helps me take today just a little less seriously. And for me, this is helpful.

I remember I can play and try things and pivot and mess up without the pressure of thinking that whatever I try HAS TO WORK.

It doesn’t. It does not have to work.

It’ll work if it’s meant to. It won’t work if it’s not meant to.

Are you cringing yet? I know some people out there feel that unless your back is up against a wall and you HAVE to make something work, it won’t.

I don’t believe that. I don’t believe it has to be that hard and difficult and forced.

I believe it can flow more easily than that. When I’m given the freedom of time and chances and choices, I am more of my true self than when my back is against the wall and I’m trying to figure out how to get that next client and hit that next revenue goal and make ends meet.

Believe me, I know how both feel. I’m confidently choosing the former, not just because I feel better in that type of freedom-filled headspace, but also because I’m committed to expressing my true self.

True self. If I had to sum up the past nine months of my life, it’d be with those two words.

The concept of expressing one’s true self has permeated my entire life for the past nine months in one way or another.

It began with one well-respected person being willing to express her true feelings about marketing to me. It continued when I started to connect the dots between one’s personality (their true self, if they’re willing to admit it) and how they’re best suited to market their business. Then it morphed into being on my own personal journey, understanding, accepting, and then expressing my own true self in business and in life.

Yes, the last nine months have been quite the trip.

What's Next in My Third Year of Business, blog post by Brit Kolo of JAM Marketing Group

And now, as I consider the question, “So, what’s next?” the concept of expressing one’s true self is the central line – the life line, really – of what I intend to provide to the world.

I’m here to encourage you to do marketing, business, and life in a way that you were uniquely made to do.

Because not only should you not have to feel fake and salesy in order to grow your business…

You also shouldn’t have to feel like you have to be anyone but your own damn self in this life.

Amen? Amen.

So that’s what I’m after. That’s what I and my company stand for. That’s what’s next.

And really, that’s what’s happening right now, too, through MarketingPersonalities.com.

Because when a person lands on MarketingPersonalities.com, they get a glimpse of their true self and then a few tools to help them weave their natural, feel-good self into their business.

*fist pump* It feels so good to know that’s out there in the world already.

Now, moving forward, I’ve developed a content strategy to take MarketingPersonalities.com to the next level, all in an effort to supply you with the tools you need to continue implementing your best marketing strategy, all based on who you truly are.


Logistically, here’s how my new content strategy will work:

Each month will be designated a marketing-related topic.
(i.e. In September, we’ll be discussing Lead Magnets. In October, Content Strategy. November, Public Relations and Influencer Relationships. Etc, etc.)

Within each month, I’ll publish one blog post the first week, another the second week, and then host an in-depth, actionable webinar training the third week, all related to that month’s topic.

Anyone and everyone can attend these free monthly trainings, but I’ll be prefacing them with what Marketing Personality Types would find the information most helpful.


Remember, my job is NOT to derail you from your best marketing strategy. So it’ll always be super clear to you, as my audience member, which trainings apply to you and which ones you can feel free to ignore and not get distracted by.

Cool? Cool.


All the live webinar trainings will be free and the replays will be available to watch for 48 hours after the live broadcast. After 48 hours, the replay will expire and the training, along with all its training materials, will be packaged up and sold in my Podia online store at an accessible rate.

The goal here is to create a suite of digital products that people who find MarketingPersonalities.com in the future can come to whenever they need to learn about the marketing tactics that are a part of their best marketing strategy, based on their Personality Type. And since you’re here in my audience now, you’ll get to access the live trainings for free, as they’re released!


How cool would it be to stumble across MarketingPersonalities.com a year from now, find your best marketing strategy based on your personality type, and then get to purchase only the trainings that teach you exactly how to execute your unique strategy, without getting bogged down and distracted by all the other tactics not meant for you?


Permission and guidance to show up as your true self? Granted.

That’s what I’m going for here.

That’s what’s next.

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