My Word of the Year Might Surprise You

Here we are, firmly planted in 2018, whether we were “ready” for it or not.

I’ll be honest. Last week was a wash for me. All the energy around the New Year had me a little jaded. A little overwhelmed.

I think that’s pretty common, but even if it’s not, that’s okay too. We can’t always be in sync with society. In fact, it might be beneficial to not be most of the time.

I’d rather be in sync with myself.

So while much of the energy last week was high and powerful and driven, I resisted it. I don’t think that’s the tone my year is set on this time.

It certainly has been in the past. I’ve been allllll about vision boards and massive goals and believing I was going to go a million miles an hour to reach them all year long.

But not this year.

I have a vision board and yes, I’ve absolutely set massive aspirations for 2018. But the energy is different this time.

It’s deeper, more controlled.

So when I was mulling over a “word of the year” – the word that would set the tone and direction for the next 12 months – I landed comfortably on…



It’s January 9th and I have an entire year to decipher this word. But as of today, word-for-word from my journal, it means…

“Practice everything. Don’t expect perfection. Because within practice, it’s okay to screw up. Keep trying and I’ll surely get better.
Practice requires a leader and a follower. A coach and a student. Be the follower. Be the student.
Pressure to perform is lower in practice. Stop performing.
Simply practice.”

I cannot tell you how good that feels to my soul.

There are years that ask questions, and years that answer. - Zora Neale HurstonAs my friends, Marissa and Rachel, recently reminded me, Nora Zeale Hurston once said, “There are years that ask questions, and years that answer.

2017 answered countless questions.  The most important – could I really make it on my own? 2017 answered with, Yes.

Now, 2018 feels like it will ask me many questions. And within those questions, I won’t force myself to answer them correctly. Or answer them at all.

I’ll simply practice within the questions and explore them without expectation.

2018. The Year of Practice.

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